I am a 20-something kid whom people miraculously trust unsupervised with their (somewhat smaller) kids. By day I wipe butts, battle with bottles, contort my face into brand new arrangements of features, and trip over everything. By night I sleep, unlike the real parents of my kids, ha!

Like many, I was duped into optimistically pursuing an obscure degree at a fancy liberal arts college, which taught me that society is hopelessly, irrevocably screwed. Upon graduation I promptly found refuge in an AmeriCorps position, where I learned that teenagers are exactly the same as toddlers, except totally different. Now I'm slowly clawing my way through grad school where I'm paying for a degree that says I can safely be left alone with children; meanwhile, I am paid to be left alone with children. When I started this blog I was nannying full-time; now I've transitioned to subbing at preschools.

My partner HB and I live in a house with five people, five and a half chickens, and in our very own ancient apartment with our polydactyl cat and a flock of houseplants. We intentionally choose not to own a car, so our butts are permanently molded to the shapes of our bicycle saddles. When I'm not manually sucking boogers out of infants' nostrils, I might be scripting and painting comics and graphic novels; reading books written for people half my age; yelling at my hackneyed knitting attempts; knocking things over exuberantly in the kitchen; eschewing any sort of attempt at night life in favor of board games and tea; pretending to be outdoorsy; or loudly adoring my tomato plants. But it's more likely that I'm staring slackjawed at the internet, or sleeping.

This is a blog about my adventures in kid care and beyond. HB and I look forward to having our own kids someday, once we have the financial and biological means to do so. Until then, I will experiment on learn from everyone else's kids.


P.S. - if you wanna contact me, you can email me at 

P.P.S. - In case any of my in-blog syntax about HB confuses you: HB now uses "they" pronouns in most circumstances because they identify as genderqueer and non-binary. 

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