Friday, 17 May 2013

Sasha Says, ep. 19

on fashion: "You dress very... arty. Like Nicki [Minaj] but not so crazy."

on femininity: "I'm not really a 'girl' girl."

on modesty: "Sometimes I feel kinda sorry for animals because they can't cover their privates."

on whether she plans to attend college: "I will just go for lunch and recess."

after I'd spent an hour reading one of the scarier chapters of Harry Potter 3 aloud while Ezra and Sasha played around the play structure outside, Ezra picked up the book and Sasha says, "Don't look at that, Ezra! It will give you nightmares!"

"We used to have an ant farm in the bathroom. I don't know why; we don't eat in there."

"I'm a secret fairy. (I'm not really.)"

"My dad is a little..." she leans in and whispers like it's a naughty word: "...funky."

High fives,

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