Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sasha Says, ep. 10

referring to a Bratz coloring book: "I can't look at this too long. It's scary. It will give me nightmares."

Sasha, demonstrating a tenuous grasp of major characters, themes, and plot of the Harry Potter books:
Sasha: "Wanna know who's on my top good list? Dumbledore."
me: "What list is Snape on?"
Sasha: "My bad list. And so is that teacher I hate... Trelawney."
me: "What about Dobby?"
Sasha: "Sorta in between my good list and bad list."
me: "And Voldemort?"
Sasha: "He's in between too. Because he was friends or something with Sirius Black and he's on my good list so Voldemort's not totally bad."

"I always see my mom's -- [whispers] boobs." [I assume she's talking about breastfeeding.]

A block from Sasha's house: "Is that your house?"

One of my favorite things is that Sasha doesn't have all of her letter sounds down quite yet. She still says the "T" sound in place of the  "K" sound, and a "D" sound for a "G" sound. So one of the things I love to hear her say is Professor McGonagall's name, which sounds like this:

"Mitt Donadall"


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