Saturday, 16 February 2013

Harry Potter Playlist

Sasha is still really into Harry Potter. When she's not begging me to read the first three books aloud again, she's plying me with questions about Harry's universe. Luckily for Sasha, I am something of a Harry Potter geek. I was quite the trivia wizard in my day, and I've still got the cosplay costumes to prove my nerd cred.

I recently told Sasha about the great cultural phenomenon called Wizard Rock, which is essentially a genre of music with lyrics pertaining to the Harry Potter universe. The musical groups that fall into this genre often write and perform songs from the perspectives of JK Rowling's characters (like the band Draco and the Malfoys, who dress, act, and talk like Draco Malfoy) or from invented characters who don't exist canonically (like The Parselmouths, a girl duo who perform as two random Hogwarts students in Slytherin House).

Sasha was immediately intrigued by my description of wizard rock, so I promised to make her a CD of wizard rock songs. I had two major constraints when selecting songs: they needed to be about books 1-3 (and avoid major spoilers from books 4-7, mainly because it would be confusing and irrelevant to Sasha), and they needed to be appropriate for a 6-year-old. Pretty much as long as they didn't have sex, drugs/alcohol, or "bad words," they passed my "appropriate" test.

Click "read more" to see the playlist!

Sasha's Harry Potter Playlist

1. Wizard Rock Twist - The Remus Lupins
2. No Good Toys - Steve Songs
3. I Am a Wizard - Harry and the Potters
4. Gryffindor Rocks - Harry and the Potters
5. Being in Slytherin's Not Half Bad - The Parselmouths
6. I Heart Weasleys - Ministry of Magic
7. In Which Green is the Best Color - The Parselmouths
8. My Dad Is Rich - Draco and the Malfoys
9. What Kind of Name is Hermione? - The Parselmouths
10. The Weasleys - The Remus Lupins
11. Myrtle's Always There - The Parselmouths
12. My Teacher is a Werewolf - Harry and the Potters
13. Love Song for Professor Lupin - The Parselmouths
14. Mischief Managed! - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
15. Marauder's Map - Ministry of Magic
16. Escape from Azkaban* - Ministry of Magic
17. Young Sirius Black's Flying Motorcycle - The Remus Lupins
18. Lupin's Tale (Where Are We Going?) - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
19. Teenage Werewolf - The Remus Lupins
20. Muggle Born - Taylor Brogan
21. Hedwig's Theme - John Williams, from the first movie's soundtrack

As predicted, Sasha's favorite songs were the ones sung from the perspectives of Slytherins (Draco and the Malfoys, The Parselmouths) and the ones about Sirius Black. She said this is her new favorite CD -- tied with the Nutcracker. Kid's got good taste.


* I clipped this song at 2:50 because I thought Sirius's repetitive screaming in the background during the last quarter of the song would upset or scare Sasha. Since Sirius is one of her favorite characters, and she's intrigued by his story, I thought she'd otherwise really like this song. Might not be appropriate for all six year olds.

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