Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sasha Says, ep. 14

Anytime something doesn't go her way: "Aw, shoots!"

Sasha: "I wish Abe was alive."
me: "Who's Abe?"
Sasha: "Abraham Lincoln, of course!"
me: "Oh! Why do you wish Abraham Lincoln was still alive?"
Sasha: "So he could see that we don't have slavery anymore!"

Sasha still says her K sound as a T sound. She used to have a cat they called Kitty Bitty. She pronounces it "Titty Bitty" and I have to try not to snort with laughter every time the name comes up.

After haltingly sounding out the word "shirt": "I knew it was 'shirt' because 'shit' isn't a real word."

Sasha: "Have you seen the movie with the guy with the big mustache?"
me: "I'm not sure. Tell me more about it."
Sasha: "He's like, the guardian of the trees."
me: "Hmm..."
Sahsa: "He's all orange."
me: "Oh! The Lorax!"

"Some kids think their parents weren't ever kids, but I'm smarter than that."

High fives,

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