Saturday, 9 March 2013

baby styles

My two babies are about two months apart in age, and right now they're neck-and-neck developmentally speaking. They're both on the brink of walking, they're both beginning to obviously understand much of what I say to them, they're both nurturing a sense of humor.

But they each have their own distinct style.

They have both learned how to wave goodbye, but while Ezra's wave is a dopey looking full-arm flopping affair, Athena's is a perfect, refined princess wave. Her wave belongs on a parade float.

They both have fully committed to the dropping-food-on-the-floor stage of life. But while Ezra drops food (half of the time by accident) and then immediately cranes over the high chair tray to see if the dog will eat it, Athena picks up her food, delicately licks it, and then flings it as hard as she can across the kitchen.

Ezra is extremely food motivated. When I pick Ezra up, he will desperately unleash all five ASL signs I've taught him (more, all done, milk, diaper change, please) in the hopes that they will result in food. When I try to teach Athena ASL signs, she deliberately looks the other way. She is not interested in your puerile human tricks. She might eat the food you offer her, if she feels like it. But only if you hand feed her one nibble at a time. Otherwise it's a swift swipe to the floor.

So basically what I'm saying is that Ezra is kind of like a dog, and Athena is kind of like a cat.

High fives,

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