Friday, 26 April 2013

Sasha Says, ep. 18

Several minutes after finishing opening her four or five birthday presents: "Okay Mom, I'm feeling very excited now. Could you go wrap another present and bring it to me now?"

On what would happen if a person was struck by lightning: "They wouldn't die, they'd be okay. They'd just like have electricity in their lungs, and go to the hospital."

On the walk home from school we see a broken plastic cup, I suggest Sasha pick it up so we can recycle it when we get home. She picks it up with a flourish and says, "I'm Super Muscle Trash Girl!"

Less than a minute later we pass a tissue on the sidewalk, and I say "Go Super Muscle Trash Girl!"
Wearily, she says, "Sometimes I wish I wasn't Super Muscle Trash Girl," as she retrieves the tissue and puts it in the stroller.

As we approach her house and Sasha catches sight of the landscaping guy's truck: "It's my love! He has a gold tooth and a great mustache. Don't tell him anything!" He's a mid-40s Latino man with silver fillings on his front teeth.

High fives,

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