Thursday, 6 September 2012

Open Arms

New house, new jobs, new blog!

I will probably write entries while the kids do the vampire thing and sleep in the middle of the day. Since kids are adorable, and I kind of need to project their adorableness to the universe, I figured I'd create a blog. They are all referred to by pseudonyms here, and photos will be rare and never of their faces, because 1.) they're not old enough to consent to having their lives published on the internet, and 2.) I can't consent on their behalf, not being their legal guardian.

I'm naming the blog Hugs or High Fives because I think choices are important, and so is affirmation, and gratitude, and comfort, and human connection.

If you're new to this blog, orient yourself by clicking on the tabs up at the top of the page to read a bit more about me and the kids I high five and/or hug.

Commence caring, connecting, and blogging.


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