Friday, 21 September 2012

Sasha Says, ep. 2

"Do you know that song, 'I just met you, so here's my number, call me maybe?'"

When giving me a "tour" of her neighborhood: "This is the president's house; but not Obama -- George Washington. This tree was built for climbing. This is where famous people live, like the tour guides and realtors. This is Swiper's house."

"You know what? She has no wrinkles because she eats super duper duper pooper ... healthy."

"We are going to buy that house on the corner and put all our extra stuff in it."

 "I have more money than my mom and dad. Way more. I'm super serious."

As she sees her mom get out of the car through the kitchen window: "There's my beautiful mom!" (Suddenly apprehensive) "but not as beautiful as you!"

High fives,

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