Monday, 7 January 2013

Sasha Says, ep. 11

"My ears haven't been alive very long."

On our walk home from school in a stiff wind, Sasha commented on the debris scattered around the neighborhood from overturned recycling bins and summed it up with: "It's a messy day!"

Two days later, referring to the tree detritus blown everywhere by the recent wind storm: "It's all dirty!"

"The Sirius Black Lego sticker is my favorite because I have a crush on Sirius Black." (Keep in mind this kid hasn't seen the movies, just heard the first three books read aloud.)

As the family dog (a small Chihuahua mix) jumps all over Sasha upon our arrival home: "I wish I had odor on my body so I could spray the dog and protect myself."

"I want a turtle, and so my dad said I can babysit his friend's turtle for one week and if I show that I have responsibility, then I can have a turtle. So I'll be really responsible for one week and then not after that."

As the baby emits several of his usual grunts: "Ezra has a frog in his throat. He is very digestible."

High fives,

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