Monday, 21 January 2013

Sasha Says, ep. 13

"We should ask God to make it snow. But I don't believe in it. I just believe in Christmas."

"I think the boxcutter is in the tillery room. I don't know why it's called a tillery room." She means the utility room.

Regarding the dog, who is at least part Chihuahua: "She was born in Mexican." (She's from the shelter, so her actual origins are unknown.)

Me: "Did you have fun with your Grandma during her visit?"
Sasha: "Kinda. Well, she always does a lot of stuff with me so I get like tired of her after just one minute."

"My dad is really old. Like probably 80 or 100." (He's probably in his 40s by my estimation.)

"My dad loves Miyazaki movies." (Sasha leans in and whispers) "I think my dad has a crush on him!"

Sasha wanted to "write the Harry Potter books, but with changes." (I tried to teach her the word "fanfiction" but I don't think it stuck.) So here's the text of Sasha's chapter one, which she dictated to me and I dutifully transcribed:

"Voldemort attacked the baby! Oh no! Ahhh! Little baby Harry. He's sucking on his sucky thingamajinga. Ahhhh!"

Oh yes, there's an illustration to go with it (Voldemort is the ghost and everyone is apparently nude):

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