Friday, 11 January 2013

Sasha Says, ep. 12

Sasha: "What's that van for?"
me: "It says 'Heating and Cooling' on it. What do you think it's for?"
Sasha: "I think it delivers heating pads."

Sasha: "You left the kitchen light on!"
me: "Your mom had it on this morning and I never turned it off, so it's been on all day."
Sasha: "I would not like to be that light."

Walking home from school during a sunbreak after days of clouds and rain: "My eyes feel kinda weird, because they haven't had the sun in them for so long!"

Regarding a Cinderella toy: "That is not Cinderella. I hate Cinderella. Cinderella is my worst emily -- eminy -- eninny -- elimy -- em -- en -- enemy."

During imaginative play, Sasha has started narrating in a way that mimics novels. Rather than just having the dolls, animals, or toys speak their lines, Sasha will follow their dialogue with "said so-and-so." (It's usually variations on Harry Potter characters and scenes.) So her playing sounds like this: "'Come on Harry, get in the car, we're leaving,' said Mr. Dursely. 'Where are we going?' asked Harry. 'I said no questions!' Mr. Dursely yelled."

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