Monday, 21 January 2013

Two new things in Ezra's life

1. Ezra's mom gave him his first haircut because "with that clip in his hair everyone always thought he was a girl and he's not!" but all she did was cut his bangs so now he has this hilariously stupid baby mullet hairdo oh my god


2. He started deliberately signing his first word! It's "more," of course. Like a dog, he is extremely food motivated, so I've been bribing him with blueberries for a few months trying to get him to do a new trick. And now he does it! Not even a year old yet and he looks me dead in the eye, grunts dramatically, and pokes his little index fingers together vehemently.

The time he's most likely to do it is while he's flat on his back on the changing table, though, which is extremely perplexing to me. The sign for "more" does look kinda like the sign for "change," but not that much like it.


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